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NeoFusion is a professional services company that specializes in delivering real time marketing & decisioning solutions

We are that rare combination of business acumen and advanced technical skill.

As a passionate and energetic group of people we hold ourselves to the follow values:

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Our track record shows we are able to deliver the improbable result. Whether the constraint is time, cost or complexity we want the challenge!

Double the value at half the cost. As a "small but great" professional services company we tend to work on large enterprise projects. This means we compete or work alongside the big integrators. To be successful in this arena we must do it better, faster and less expensive than the other guys....

We're so confident in our ability to provide you with substantial value in the real time marketing space we're ready to prove it on a no cost trial basis! Contact us for more details.

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NeoFusion was a key partner for Vodafone in delivering these projects to time, cost and quality criteria, providing the specialist technical and business knowledge and people that are critical to success. Without NeoFusion's involvement, Vodafone would not have delivered at the pace required.

Carl Bennett, Head of CRM Technologies Vodafone IT

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Get Personal With Customers

05/23/2012 10:27 AM

Centralized decisioning and it is use on real-time micro-operational decisions has become ...

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Beyond “Go Live”: Making Your Real Time Marketing Implementation a Success with Continuous Improvement

02/28/2011 11:23 AM

What defines success? Imagine that your organization has decided to implement a real time marketing system to support a cross sell/upsell business case by intelligently interacting with its customers. As this is a hefty business and IT investment, the organization wants to spend the time and manpower to get everything as perfect as possible before going live to ensure that the return on investment ...

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Benefits of Virtualization During the Build Phase

02/08/2011 02:30 PM

Real time decisioning is so complex because it blends strategies and tactics from such a wide variety of functional business areas.  The decisioning logic or business rules are essentially the product of the entire real time decisioning effort, the brain if you will.   As such, all those strategies and tactics can add up to pages and pages of ...

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Simulation is a must have capability

10/21/2010 08:29 AM

If you are starting up a real time decisioning implementation do yourself, the project and your organization the justice of including an entire workstream around simulation.  Why?  Well, not having the ability to simulate your enterprise decisions is (in many ways) analogous to not having a window to see out of, an altitude gauge, radar, etc. while flying say a Boeing 747.  If your flying 50 tons of aircraft you probably want to ...

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08/19/2010 11:02 PM

Welcome to the NeoFusion Blog! 

NeoFusion is a premier strategic marketing consultation and technology implementation services company. We specialize in offering a global center of experience, excellence, and fostering an effective implementation of marketing strategies and solutions. We provide unique value to companies that want to solve complex marketing challenges.  We understand what it takes to ...

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