Our Core Values

The competition is fierce and the goals are lofty. To win in today's environment, NeoFusion holds to the following core values:


Your unique business challenges require unique solutions. This is the reason companies look for help outside of their own organizations. However, there are many different ways to solve a problem, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

We don't just create solutions, we invent them. Our goal is to always deliver the most advantageous solution to our customers. How do we do this?

We approach the problem pragmatically and invest effort into thinking outside of the norms to deliver under any circumstances. This approach is flexible in that we look at what is right for the situation and customer, not what will fill up our pockets in the shortest amount of time. The big consultancies cannot do this due to their rigid policies and procedures that can end up costing unnecessary dollars, time, and effort.

Our belief in innovation is so great, that we communicate it every moment. Just take a look at our tagline.

Client Successes

Every time we engage a new or existing client, our goal is to make them fanatical about our people and solutions. We do not have the luxury of failing and look at our clients as our most effective sales tool via client endorsement and referrals. We have helped our global clients reach their business and technical goals.

Our Workteam

Global Reach

Though small, we go where the work is. Our resources are positioned throughout the world and are ready to meet the challenge regardless of location.

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