we cultivate (data) empathy

For over 20 years, we have been delivering high-value software implementations that leverage the value of data and analytics atop enterprise scale technology for Fortune 50, emerging, and startup companies across many industries and around the world.

We believe that people based relationships, work ethic, and quality deliverables are best way to deliver excellence and value to our clients. Below are some of the services that we commonly provide our clients.


AI + Machine Learning

We focus on binary outcomes. So, if you can form a question that has a yes or no answer then there is a good chance we can optimize the outcome with AI + Machine Learning for you. Our philosophy is that solving data problems is the greater challenge vs. searching various libraries for a marginally better algorithm. We also think data should be transparent and relatable. So, when the brain finds some special a human should be able to understand and use it. Shiny data is what we’re after only because we have the domain expertise to tie a binary outcome to a metric that people care about moving.


Decisioning Delivery

Successful delivery takes a specific combination of the right people, the right processes, and the right technology. Our Pega, IBM, and Oracle certified experts have successfully delivered over 40 decisioning implementations. From initial requirements gathering through deployment and optimization, we follow our unique best practices to ensure that our clients meet their ROI targets.


Business Intelligence Architecture Implementation

We not only analyze your current data warehouse needs, but also predict future state requirements (knowing that data driven AI will inform and drive decisions across the enterprise). Working with you, this help us create a standard BI architecture that can be used by many internal groups of one or more analytical purposes. This architecture can also feed your AI marketing brain.


Mobile Application Development

Going beyond creating the MVP through a successful launch, we partner with you to determine the right product/market fit and initial launch approach to provide product validation.

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